North from Tillamook

We’ve taken you north with us as we traveled clear across the Columbia River into Washington State.

This trip is shorter but no less ambitious…because we’re stopping at several great places that will take time!

First stop, about 26 miles north to the town of Manzanita. It’s a fun place that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but treats tourists seriously! Our favorite restaurant there had an outdoor patio and burritos with allllll the right ingredients…it was called “Left Coast Siesta.” See what I mean?

From its beach, the view north catches the edge of a cliff that supports US 101 as it climbs Mt Neahkahnie.

DSC_6530Notice the little see-through notch in the knife-edge?

A few miles up the road, just past Oswald West State Park, a few homes occupy a small stretch of coastline so tightly that there just isn’t any public access….but I sneaked a peek. Too bad we can’t all go there….nice beach….

DSC_6567Perhaps the sleeper stop of the day is Hug Point. Lovely parking lot, easy access to the beach, nice stretch of sand before hitting a nice gradual slope for the surf to make long runs in and out.

But it’s b-o-r-i-n-g to see from the parking lot, and you might pass it up…as we did the first time past.

However, while reading about some other coastal high points, I stumbled upon something cool about Hug Point…see for yourself:

DSC_6680Very small caves and a waterfall in this scene, with some other caves nearby, and even the remains of an old elevated roadway that was once chiseled in the rock face (I couldn’t get to it on this occasion because the tide was too far in).

This journey ends at Cannon Beach, 40 miles north of Tillamook. Its beach is massive and smooth, there are enough cabins and hotels for alllll the tourists who might show up, and more restaurants than even Google can keep track of.

And it has Haystack Rock.


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