Like a rock

I love the contrast of sharp, hard, dark rocks with the soft, flowing, splashing ocean water and white foam.

Throw in the setting sun, and I’m blissful….

But it’s not just the beauty of the contrasts….it’s the constant change.

When I shoot waves, I’ll sometimes shoot several hundred images in order to catch the best combination of curl, splash, and color!

The following pictures were taken over a period of just 15 minutes. They’re of the same rock…one is of the other side. I had to move the tripod numerous times to avoid the wash of water!

I hope you’ll click each one so it fills your screen….the details are so sweet!

….the tiny explosion of water at the end of the log on the beach…that catches the sun’s color in its tendrils.

….the swirls of foam on the beach, and the wash of foam that drains down the side of the rock.

….the texture of water as it streams onto the beach…and the few sparkly golden streams from the splash against the dark rock.

….the smooth ripples of beach sand…looking like really great abdominal muscles…that glisten and reflect the soft pink of the clouds.


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