Roll on, Columbia

For years, I’ve wanted to spend time along the Columbia River. I’ve seen so many lovely photos of the river, the surroundings of its gorge, and the numerous waterfalls.

Sure….so we spent part of one day blowing through about 20 miles of the gorge.

Well, this was only our first visit, and there’s soooo much else to see out this way….

As soon as we arrived at Multnomah Falls, I knew I was in trouble. As Tiny Elvis says, “This thing is HUGE!” Very challenging to get a good photo that shows everything, particularly in bright sunlight.
DSC_5395DSC_5417These photos feel too much like documentary shots. I hope to return next year and try for something with more mood!

It’s pretty amazing the way I-84 is routed right alongside the river for about 150 miles….lovely and scenic….a very involving drive.

We came into town on that road. But for this day’s exploration, we traveled the Historic Columbia River Highway. This first picture looks to the northeast, past Vista House on Crowne Point. If Oregon couldn’t show anything with the color green, it wouldn’t have anything to show….
DSC_5457What a vista we had as we drove the Historic road! This second picture was taken from almost the same spot as the previous, just rotated about 90 degrees. The scale is hard to comprehend. You’re seeing I-84 where it nearly touches the river. See the tiny plane at the top? It’s a commercial jet….

3 thoughts on “Roll on, Columbia

  1. I heartily concur. The majesty of the river gorge is hard to comprehend let alone photograph. Absent the many hydro dams some say the gorge would have been another grand canyon. So much electricity is generated that a massive Google computer hub erected in Washington State barely caused a hiccup in the power grid! Blessings and Happy Trails…T.Crowl…

  2. Loved the photos. Janet and I have been there. On my final day of the bike tour last Wed, I was at the headwaters of the Snake River east of the Grand Tetons (at Three Waters Pass). As you know, the Snake flows into the Columbia, so someday the water I saw will pass where you were. Neat thought.

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