Tillamook color

Of course, Tillamook is more than the ocean shoreline.

Everywhere we go, when people learn we’re headed to Tillamook, they enthusiastically recommend we stop by Tillamook Cheese, take the plant tour, and taste some curd.

The surrounding community for miles is comprised of dairy farms…because the cheese factory is a farmer’s co-op. They own it, they supply it, they promote it in every way possible.

They also create an unusual feature of the area: dairy-air. It seems you’re always down-wind from a dairy barn or a field that’s just been fertilized by the effluent…

We ran across this young one, who showed more flair than most local cows.

DSC_5369Still, it’s the shoreline that fascinates us.

DSC_4997Not certain why…still exploring the issue.


2 thoughts on “Tillamook color

  1. Don’t forget the Tillamook Cheese plant on the coast road! Nice tour and good food. Always packed! Blessings…TLC

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