Down the coast in one day, part 3 of 3

Near our day’s foggy destination, we had a bite of lunch at Luna Sea Fish House (say those first two words quickly…).

Not surprisingly, it provided quite superb fish & chips. Very surprisingly, it also offered quite superb bean burritos!

We took some of our meal as a picnic a few blocks away to the point of land’s end in town at Yachats State Recreation Area. We discovered you don’t pronounce the c in that name, and the first a is pronounced more like a u.

It was nearly high tide, and the wind was making the waves slam pretty good. Fascinating rocks along the shoreline…volcanic type material. I found a hole back from the edge that had a series of tunnels bringing waves and swells to it…with occasional explosive results.

DSC_5956Mostly, the shoreline here was extremely rough and inhospitable. But it sure got an A for interesting!

DSC_6010As we neared Cape Perpetua, things got waaaay more interesting! Check this out…that’s no creek emptying into the ocean: it’s a crack that has been pounded by the surf for so long, it’s opened up a lengthy chasm. It was named, and even had its own overlook: Devils Churn.

DSC_6122Around the corner, we reached the conclusion of our day’s journey: the tip of Cape Perpetua, with Cook’s Chasm and Spouting Horn. Just look how close they are to US 101!

DSC_6186I had also been looking forward to seeing Thor’s Well at this location, because I’ve been seeing pictures of it for years. Unfortunately, the wind was blowing spray for hundreds of feet, and I wasn’t able to get close enough to clearly show this large hole that swallows endless waves that crash over the rock edge in front of it. As it was, this photo was taken with a mist of salt spray on the lens!

DSC_6209We turned around at this point, exactly 100 miles from the coach, and headed home. We’ll be back to several of these places for more detailed exploration!

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