Down the coast in one day, part 1 of 3

We bit off a big chunk the other day…driving 100 miles down the coast, taking in all the sights, and coming back home!

It was easy…we just didn’t stop!


We didn’t see all the sights, and we sure didn’t explore in much detail, but we sure found some great places for several return trips!

Here’s some of what we found:

South of Lincoln City, US 101 crosses one small finger of the Siletz River as it empties into Siletz Bay. These four stacks of rock and earth stand high and dry at low tide right near the bridge.

DSC_5643If you enlarge this picture, you’ll see two people with clamming equipment…which helps give perspective for the size of this bay. I still marvel at the ability of the ocean tide to fill such an expanse with more than 5 feet of water in 6 hours, then drain it during the next 6 hours!

As we neared Depoe Bay, this small cove was immediately beside the roadway. We were attracted by the colorful drama of the land beside the homes on the left, but as we got out of the car to shoot pictures, we realized the right side was completely occupied by animals…the seals in light color, and the birds in mostly dark color!

DSC_5711It turned out these homes were located on a small peninsula, and the other side of it was even more dramatic!

DSC_5728All this drama right beside the highway…

The green you see in these pictures is the real thing….almost flourescent sometimes, and the trees/bushes/ferns/grass/moss/hayfields are so rich and thick…no drought around here.

Even the groundcover in the evergreen forests along the ocean’s edge…



The last picture for this post is actually from our return trip home on this day [but come back for two more posts of pictures from this one-day trip!]. I think this picture suggests the post should’ve been called “is the cup half full or half empty?” See what I mean about the tide changing a scene so much it almost looks like a different place?


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