Did someone say eagle?

We’ve arrived in Tillamook, OR for a month-long stay.

We’ve wanted to be here to visit Grandma Barb, my father’s widow, since we started this odyssey of life in a coach…and it finally happened!

It doesn’t hurt that she lives so near the northern Oregon coast….

And has nesting eagles nearby! Yep, Robyn has already spotted at least 3 pair and their nests! They’re mostly a safe distance from my camera, unfortunately. Caught one the other day.

DSC_5161Never content to rest on her laurels, Robyn found one feeding along the shore of Nehalem Bay, and when he took off with his catch, it seemed to have some kelp tangled with it!

DSC_5192Along that bay at low tide, I caught a massive stump that had managed to float this far when the water was obviously MUCH higher!

DSC_5203Proving that glorious scenery does not occur only at the ocean shoreline, the highlight of our day exploring this significant bay 20 miles north of us was the sunset that lit the entire scene along the Nehalem River….


4 thoughts on “Did someone say eagle?

    • Ohh, thank you, Judy! We almost missed the scene, because it was behind us as we were driving home. As I glanced in the mirror, I saw a flash through a gap in the trees…and said “whoa, let’s go back and see that again!” This was 25 minutes after a fairly blah sunset! Never stop looking….

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