Salt of the earth

It’s been nearly a month since we started back on the road from the California North Coast to our home base in Dayton, OH.

We made the cross-country run at a high rate of speed…well, in mostly sustained drives each day, stopping for the nights in large parking lots near the Interstate.

Fun was limited to catching some friends who live near where we stopped…to hug and chat out on the pavement, then we had to head inside to catch some shut-eye.

Actually, such a run provides fun because we’re passing through new territory.

We interrupted the 2500 miles for the weekend…in Salt Lake City.

Look what greeted us on the outskirts:

DSC_4096Yep, the day before we arrived, they had snow on the ground in the middle of the city!

We spent some time exploring Antelope Island, an appendage from the city out into the Great Salt Lake. Check out the views!


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