We interrupt our regular programming

Been up to our eyeballs getting all the work done…stuff that has to happen back east.

Ross and Ryan have had every part of their bodies looked at and poked…everything but had their minds read. They’re okay.

The coach has had the same, and its condition is the same.

Even the Lil Taxi got in on the act…with new tires all around…from running 40,000 miles in the past 11 months!

Here we sit outside Kokomo, IN for a couple days so Robyn can visit her mother and sister.

What should she discover here…far from meaningful bodies of water…well, let me show you:

DSC_4940Yep, she has an eye for Bald Eagles. And their nests! Click on this picture to make it fill your screen, and you can just make out the shoulders and head of a young eagle on the nest…


8 thoughts on “We interrupt our regular programming

  1. Great Eagle shots. I do an Eagle watch station at Oscar Scherer State Park in Fla. in winter, put out a large scope for folks to observe one of 2 nests in the park. We had an adult bird die in an accident but the surviving adult fed the young and hopefully will return next year as lone Eagles do re-mate. Florida has gone from a few birds to over 500 nesting pairs since Rachel Carson saved the species in the early sixties. Blessings and happy trails…Tom Crowl.

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