Dueling lights

The night before a full moon, the moon rises just ahead of the time when the sun sets. If the weather is right, you can catch both great lights in the sky at the same time.

In opposite directions…so one photo that shows both is pretty challenging!

No problemmo: make a panorama image that includes both, by shooting four pictures that cover 180 degrees.

Found a suitable spot on the edge of a river near where it empties into the ocean…for reflections.

Clear skies.

Tested exposures and how much to turn the camera on the tripod for each image…and waited for the time indicated by my handy little phone app, The Photographer’s Ephemeris.

Bingo, the moon made its appearance right on schedule…I started shooting.

Got some great stuff. Went home to the computer to process the images and have Photoshop stitch them together.

Bzzzzz, failure. Not sure why, because I’ve stitched 7 images together before.

Sorry, you get just the two important ends of the pano:


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