This and that

I’ve taken some pictures that haven’t seemed to fit with others in a post, but thought you’d like them individually….

Heard ’em before we saw ’em…a trio of twin-rotor military helicopters.


Ross seems to really enjoy the seashore when the breeze is gentle and the waves are booming…although his face usually won’t show it!


Robyn found the tiniest starfish…long dead, and devoid of color…on a beach with dark sand. (What hard-working hands….)


Just outside the nearby town of Ferndale, we found this interesting cemetery on a hillside.


The final image is not a sunset. On a day when the sun had a terrible time trying to break through thick clouds, I managed a quick shot when there was a gleam that briefly punched through. Even though you can see the sun, it is still having to push through quite a bit of cloudy atmosphere…which allows us to clearly see its orb.


2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Ferndale. I have an aunt who has lived there for about 25 yrs. She’s my Dad’s youngest sister, who is 21 yrs younger. Wide age range in that family. As usual, great photos and stories in all your posts. Good shot of Ross, and that last one of the sky.

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