Why limit yourself to daylight?

Yep, I’m back on that “after midnight” kick.

Although none of these pictures were taken after midnight, the last two could have been.

The first one was taken nearly two hours after sunset on a moonless night. At the scene, there were almost no colors, just hints of light areas in the sky. There were no color reflections on the water to be seen with the eye. It’s so remarkable what the camera can register as it sits there soaking up light! [ISO: 50, 90mm, f/29, 30sec]

DSC_6860The second was taken about four hours after sunset with a 77% moon up high behind the camera. Notice the stars are not quite points of light (slightly oval), so the exposure was juuust a little too long for the lens I used. [ISO: 2000, 28mm, f/9, 26sec]

DSC_9499The third also was about 4 hours after sunset, with no help from a moon. When I opened the image in the computer, I was fascinated to see all the colors at the horizon and reflecting on the water, because the scene was so dark and plain in person! The exposure was very long, so the few stars you can see are trails in the sky. [ISO: 100, 32mm, f/16, 275 sec]


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