From the sublime to the ridiculous

Those pictures in the previous post were almost….well, maybe the title of this post should have its words reversed.

Still, it’s hard to go wrong shooting a sunset at the beach.

All that color, all those reflections…you know, more like this, eh?


Actually, I spent nearly an hour shooting and scouting shots around the bay above….lovely crashing waves, lots of driftwood, fabulous rocks all over the place.

But. No. Sun. Heavy clouds overhead.

Suddenly, just as it was time for the sun to disappear into the ocean…a sliver opened in the clouds, and the sun shot out the color you see here.

And then it was gone.

Other times, the sun starts shouting half an hour beforehand, and I run around like a chicken with its head cut off…over here, over there, oooooo look at this!

But when I get home the shots are out of focus, or too busy, or clichéd….

Or almost too outrageous to be believed….



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