High drama

Thank goodness the only high drama in our lives is the scenery!

These two pictures are nearly unbelievable for several reasons.

The colors of the sky in this first one were in a different universe than anything I’ve ever seen! No one could explain to me where the color came from…no volcano somewhere, not even a meaningful storm for us!

And the colors only lasted about 5 minutes.


This second image very nearly didn’t happen.

We had left the beach at Trinidad, but were taking our time getting loaded into the car down from the beach.

The sunset hadn’t been much, but on a whim I drove back to the beach to see what might have developed. It was so dark I couldn’t see the water, but there was a very slight band of dark blue just above where I thought the horizon was.

I didn’t want to delay our getting home by setting up the tripod and testing exposures, etc, but I wanted to see what the camera might pick up with a longer exposure.

I SET THE CAMERA ON A WOODEN BENCH THAT RESTS ON SOME DRIFTWOOD, aimed it roughly in the direction of the waves I could hear, set it to auto focus and expose the scene (with some exposure compensation for the darkness), and set it on self-timer so I wouldn’t bump it.



3 thoughts on “High drama

  1. Awesome Doug..
    Just a tip, in the darkness just try…
    Manual focus, to infinity.. Not trying to tell you how to capture your images, But !!!

    • Yep yep….camera usually can’t autofocus in such darkness! The problem that challenges (lots of them, but regarding focus) is where you have an interesting foreground & the stars…but need a large aperture: that focus is nearly a guess!

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