We keep coming back

Moonstone County Park is just a speck on the map, but its beach is a monster.

The oddly named Little River (because it’s one of the biggest around here) pours into the ocean on the edge of the park, and defines one end of the beach. The other end bumps into a towering wall of rock.

But in between, there’s a very deep, flat beach of sand that is host to numerous rocks that really add character to the place.

Remember this:


Or this:


You know, character.

Often, we find the rocks are such perfect foils for a remarkable sky at sunset.

Ha, not the other night! It was soooo dreary, we almost didn’t get out of the car.

Heavy clouds overhead, a thick bank at the horizon, and just white light from a narrow band near the dropping sun.

But the tide was out, so there was a lot of beach to walk, and Ross & Ryan needed the exercise…

Look what developed during 30 minutes as the sun set (these are in the sequence they were shot). It sure pays to hang around….


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