Ya just never know

We decided to walk a new beach the other day.

Nothing terribly dramatic…it was north from a spot where we often stop to watch the ocean, and toward a spot we visited just a week or so before.

Turned out we hadn’t missed much…nice smooth beach, not much driftwood, waves that curl nice and come in multiple sets but no high drama.

After about half a mile, we had nearly reached the point where Redwood Creek pours into the ocean and we’d have to turn around.

Decided to rest on a wee bit of dune.

Looked toward the river, and noticed a bunch of logs on the edge of a small pool. One moved…



A pod of about 40 seals had come in from the ocean, probably just resting from their migration trek. I slowly maneuvered to take photos.

They noticed.

I waited and they relaxed. I moved some more.

I eventually reached their limit.


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