Wave after wave

We’re in love with the ocean waves!

No matter what time of day, whatever the weather, whichever way the wind is blowing, on every beach up and down this coast…waves are always crashing on shore.

You can often hear the roar a mile back from the shore!

The ocean surface out there can be smooth and calm…but as you look closer to shore, a swell develops, it increases, it peaks and starts to stream mist from the crest, it curls, aaaaand BOOM, it crashes near shore.

And repeats every 10 seconds.

All day!


Even the creeks that run across the beach into the ocean produce little crests when their flow increases at low tide.


The ocean waves at high tide move tons of sand, and will often alter the course of creeks and rivers a considerable amount.

Surfers chase the waves at low tide, because the waves form farther out from shore due to the underwater forces hitting the bottom sooner because the water is more shallow.

Any increase in the wind will produce more raucous waves. We always hope that happens near sunset!


Perhaps the ultimate observation of waves occurs after dark. I mean hours after sunset on a moonless night when it’s pitch black.

I took this last photo when it was so dark I could just barely make out the white tips of the closest waves as they swept near to the cliff I was shooting from. I couldn’t tell the size of waves, and was repeatedly surprised by ones that would shake my perch!

There was a thin fog up to my level that interfered with my seeing out over the ocean, but not so much when looking up to the stars. I think the camera caught a remarkable view….


3 thoughts on “Wave after wave

  1. On this special time of the year the vision of the power and constancy of the waves is a reassurance of our faith. It is a blessing to see you and your happy family sharing this sight! May your travels continue to grant you the glory of His wonders. Happy Easter! TLC (now home in Kentucky!)

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