Thar she blows!

We heard some interesting news the other day about a city north of us a bit.

Crescent City….wonder why it has that name?

DSC_1953We showed you the sun setting just beyond the lighthouse last year. Here’s the lighthouse. Lovely shoreline…lots of interesting features.


DSC_2005DSC_2006DSC_2045We talked to one guy who said he understood there was a pod of 30-40 whales that seemed to be taking a few days to pause in their bays & harbors to rest some young ones!

Took almost all our time on this occasion to look for whales….gotta come back soon to check out this rocky shoreline.


2 thoughts on “Thar she blows!

  1. Hi Doug and Robyn,

    I haven’t complimented you recently on all your photos and stories, so here goes: Love your fabulous photos and stories! Especially cool that you captured those whale photos. Aren’t you coming back to Dayton soon? I have some startling news: They haven’t yet completed the Hwy 75 construction thru the downtown. Every exit is still closed.

    • Ahhhh, Ken, always lavish with the praise! Thank you, my friend.

      Yep, in Dayton the last week of this month…and we’ll be sure to watch it with the Big Taxi if we have to take it on I-75.

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