A special visitor

My parents died over 10 years ago, but my father’s widow remains alive & well and dear to our hearts. She lives in Tillamook, OR, and we have been trying to figure out how to get the coach up her way so we could spend some time with her…and explore that great northern Oregon coastline!

She decided to make a run down our way…mostly as a lark, but partly to see what it was like to travel that far by herself.

We can tell you for sure now…she’s a winner!

Shucks, we never had any doubts!

Grandma Barb was here for only two days and three nights, so we had to run her ragged to get in all the sights we’ve seen for the past two winters out here on the northern CA coast….

On our way to walk in the Tall Trees, we spotted one of the herds of Roosevelt Elk…yessss!

DSC_2630Then, while on a tour of Trinidad’s beach, we saw people gathering near the parking lot and heard the familiar engine-and-prop sounds of the local Coast Guard helicopter. HA, everyone but us knew there was going to be a rescue demonstration right there!

DSC_2740In the picture, Barb is walking with Robyn and Ryan down near the water’s edge. Notice the legs of the CG rescue swimmer hanging out of the chopper door…by the time he actually started descending, Ryan had pulled Robyn and Barb out of the picture!

You can see we managed to cover two or three area highlights on each foray, so managed to give Barb a pretty thorough view of our circumstance here on the North Coast.

We were so reluctant to see her leave, we loaded in our car and followed her up the coast as she headed home! We gave her a walkie talkie to use, and we played tour guide for about 100 miles…but we finally had to say goodbye….

We stopped in Bandon, OR to say goodbye to her, get a picture with her on the waterfront, and waved as she drove off.

DSC_2798But we hung around town to scout a place to park for a week later this summer….after we return to Dayton in April, go up to Michigan for routine maintenance on the coach, stop by Kokomo, IN to see Robyn’s mother and sister, stop by Chicago to see Jared, stop near Denver to scout the Rockies, stop in Tillamook for a month with Barb, then come down the coast on our way back here to Arcata, CA in July!

4 thoughts on “A special visitor

  1. Great story. Blessings to you and your family. I held a farewell dinner for my fellow volunteers here in Fla. and we all sang “Happy Trails to You” that famous theme of Roy and Dale. Wishing you Happy Trails on your nationwide journey. Blessings…always…Tom Crowl.

  2. We have to see you in July. We will be 20 miles south of Fortuna at Campmeeting for 10 days…

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