Go ahead, look up

We’re on the beach in Brookings, Oregon…at low tide…at sundown.

See the greenish band on these rocks? At high tide, the ocean routinely washes just above that height…over our heads as we stand here on the sand.

But we can afford to ignore the ocean right now, because it’s waaaay behind us….and we want to get a picture of the moon that started rising before sunset.

Whatever it is about the moon in the sky, it’s even more cool to catch it when the landscape beneath is still lit by the sun.

Even the rocks point to the moon!

4 thoughts on “Go ahead, look up

    • Patience….I think I’ve heard of it, Judy. Actually, I have an app on my phone that shows the times for sun and moon rising & setting anywhere I ask…The Photographer’s Ephemeris!

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