Trinidad throughout the day

Have we harped too much about how much we enjoy the bay at Trinidad?

Remember the rocks?

DSC_0012_aRemember the scene changes in short order?

DSC_1245_aDSC_1342_aRemember rocks & surf after sunset?

DSC_8166_aRemember Pewetole Island?

DSC_6771_a(You can click on any of the above…and they’ll fill your screen)

Those are all photos around Trinidad Bay!

Hope you’re not sick of the place, because here goes a series of posts of pictures from Trinidad….

Beginning at sunrise, from the beach on the south edge:


8 thoughts on “Trinidad throughout the day

  1. Your pictures are AMAZING and your writing entertaining. You really need to turn this into a money maker! I just love following along.

    • I enjoy our travels more because I’m always paying attention to the light and potential scenes to shoot. I have to write when the mood is right…

      But knowing you all can come along as we travel…and reading your comments as you enjoy what we’ve shared…now THAT’S priceless!

      Thank you for enjoying the journey, Judy, and for saying so!

  2. No, I will never be sick of those beautiful photos! Especially the waves and the sunsets. How are Ross and Ryan doing? And you and Robyn, Doug!

    Sent from my iPod

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