More giants

Redwoods are amazing, but the ones that really take your breath away are called “old growth”. They’re the ones towering more than 300 feet, that are 5, 10, 15 feet in diameter, and more than 1000 years old!

The only problem is they’ve been mostly cut down. Only about 4% of these goliaths remain. Virtually all that remain are now contained in national or state parks.

Some of the reasons they have been able to grow so big for so long actually give us comfort that the new growth trees in our protected areas will continue to stand tall.

They have very thick bark that protects from fire, disease, and bugs. If they get knocked over, the limbs pointing up will grow into trees in their own right. Their requirements for habitat are quite narrow, which is why Coastal Redwoods are really only found in a strip near the Pacific Ocean shoreline for about 200 miles in Northern California….but those requirements mean they can propagate almost like weeds, and they are very fast growing!

Nature is not likely to harm or limit redwoods….their future is likely to be limited only by man: because we fail to protect their habitat by our action or inaction.

The following pictures are from a single walk we took while Jared was here, in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, just north of Orick, CA. These trees are all within a quarter mile of parking beside the road that runs the length of the park. Please click on each picture so it will fill your screen….


4 thoughts on “More giants

  1. Your pictures are amazing, but I remember walking through that grove – you can’t help but think of our Creator. Love your pictures.

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