Walking among giants

As much as we love the shoreline and surf, we’re always in awe when we drive through the redwoods.

This portion of the Northern California coast has all of the Coastal Redwoods to be found in the world. US 101, the road beside the campground where our coach is parked, from San Francisco to Oregon is called Redwood Highway.

The tallest trees in the world. Around us, beside us, over us.

We’ve run across some interesting scenes.

DSC_6076DSC_8763But the groves of trees we walk through or walk past still take our breath away.


2 thoughts on “Walking among giants

  1. Oh how beautiful! We drive through that very same grove on our way to the church Campmeeting every July. My hubby is assist. director of the camp. So if you had kept driving all the way through the park, to the end, you would end up on a VERY CROOKED road & at the end is the camp. We’re going this July again!! We did that same walk you did finally last year (after driving through for so many years) & would love to go again!!

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