Oh yeah, these arches are golden

We gave you a quick glance a few weeks ago at the coastline in Brookings, OR, and photos from one of its beaches were in the post about how to put together a good sunset.

Brookings is a small town just 26 miles north of Crescent City, CA, which makes it a nice 100 miles north of where we’re parked.

A bit of a run for a day trip, but we thought it would be worth the effort because we’d heard there was a rock arch or two along its shoreline.

The coastline becomes taller, more rugged, and noticeably more rocky as you cross into Oregon.

DSC_0218DSC_0248On the north side of Brookings, there is the start of a 12 mile long “linear state park” named Boardman. We roared the length of it, stopping for quick looks at each of the 20 pullouts or parking lots!

And we took a few snaps….of arches.

DSC_0202DSC_0277Take a careful look at the photo just above…there are actually three arches in it. The hardest one to spot takes a little faith, because you really can’t see through it from this vantage point. It’s in the rock farthest from the camera, and goes crosswise from this position.

The tall and rugged nature of the coastline in this area makes it difficult to explore many of the viewpoints along this park. We figure we’ll need to go back numerous times to explore them one at a time…..

Don’t worry, we’ll take you along.


4 thoughts on “Oh yeah, these arches are golden

  1. Yo did it again – your pictures are AWESOME! Love your writing style too. I’m sitting inside and listening to the snow crash and slide off our roof as it melts, and enjoying “traveling” along with you. Thanks for making my day. Safe travels.

    • The only thing better than this great country we’re seeing…is sharing it! I appreciate your very kind comments, Judy, and am glad we can bring some relief from the winter blues!

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