That’s no pothole…that’s a crater!

We couldn’t go clear up to Klamath Falls and not go the 60 miles farther to Crater Lake!

It’s always a question whether the road will be open up to the top in winter time. The place gets an average of 40 feet of snow between October and June each year!

What luck for us…they’re having a low-snow winter this year….and sunny, blue skies!

DSC_1661You understand, low-snow means the wall of snow beside the parking lot at the top is only 5 feet high, not 10! It’s been nearly 4 days since they’d had any fresh snow…

DSC_1707What a place when the weather is clear! What views! Other than the few people who were around…how quiet!

And how’s this: we saw a bunch of sweet moocher birds right there on the lip of the lake! We were closer to birds up there than we’d been down in the valley!

DSC_1674DSC_1656It’s a tough climate, and not all trees make it…

DSC_1702That lake has some of the clearest, cleanest water…because it has no rivers running into or out of it. It is the deepest lake in the United States at 1943 feet.

What beauty.


4 thoughts on “That’s no pothole…that’s a crater!

  1. What luck, being able to see it in February! It is really a gorgeous place! I love seeing the world’s beauty through your photos. Keep up the great work!

  2. Incredible photos, as always! What a great time of year to get to see Crater Lake. Is that your first time there? I will get to see it this coming August 13th, by bicycle. We start a 12-day tour ride in Everett, WA and wind our way through the Cascades, ending in Ashland, OR. Crater Lake is on our final day.

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