More birds…and less

It’s sure true…there are a whole bunch of waterfowl hanging around Klamath Falls!

DSC_1806And that picture indirectly shows why they’re here…the nice, shallow lake waaaaayyy out in the middle of a huge field.

Those lakes and fields are everywhere. And the birds have no interest in sitting still for a photographer to take their portrait!

Here’s the closest I could get…with a 300mm lens, and with a bit of a crop on the image. Terrible photo, by the way, but I’m not able to spend an hour waiting for more action….

DSC_1722Even at the lakes where the auto tour route had two-tracks right along the water, the ducks and geese would paddle toward the center of the lake as we would approach.

And the eagles….wow, they’re even smarter than I thought…they now sit out in the field on the irrigation equipment alongside the ponds & lakes. There would sometimes be 7 of them sitting there!

Half a mile from a roadway….

Sooooo, I have no close photos of birds!

Except for this lovely pair….

DSC_1801Not really complaining, because we saw many lovely flocks of interesting birds, and the Klamath Basin is a lovely area of Oregon….with lovely sunsets….


8 thoughts on “More birds…and less

  1. Have you been to the bird sanctuary near Colusa, along I-5? There are some roads around where you can get closer. Lots of swans. Keep safe!

  2. As I am sure you have discovered the area is surrounded by potato farms. In fact more potatoes are grown in Oregon than in Idaho, hence Ore-Ida! BLESSINGS TO ALL…TLC

  3. Here’s Redding’s resident eagle family. They have given birth to at least 2 babies each year for at least 5 years now. We are eagerly watching & hoping all 3 babies make it this year!! They are up in a tree by Turtle Bay museum & Sundial Bridge, where they put a camera up in the tree & have perfected the views this year. LOVE IT!

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