Moonstoning, part III

The Little River pours into the Pacific at Moonstone Beach.

No real drama, but the last 100 yards of the river’s flow can be schizophrenic…is the tide coming in or going out?…are the ocean waves large or small?…did the last high tide put up a new sandbar across the river’s mouth?

Farther back upriver but still alongside the beach, there’s less change….although it seems the aquatic plant life is a mixture of salt- and fresh-water varieties.

Still, life is much more placid and predictable….just look at this scene….

DSC_0832_aBeside the river, looking from the beach to the shore, the large moonstones lie in front of a towering hillside from which grows towering evergreen trees….and I caught an early rising moon that was two days shy of full!


3 thoughts on “Moonstoning, part III

  1. Beautiful! You make it so interesting. We have a yearning to full time, but seem to let the unknown hold us back. We have been traveling with a 35ft Airstream for years on many trips. The longest 2 + months and we love it!

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