There’s a beach just 11 miles from our coach that we often visit. It’s not our favorite, mostly because it has no facilities for potty or changing diapers.

But it’s lovely, and offers fascinating views that change every few hours.

Moonstone Beach.

Not sure of the source for the name, but it has some fun rock features.

It also offers the novelty of a fairly decent river that empties into the ocean. Fascinating to see how its course will vary with the tides….it has moved about 300 yards from left to right and back to left again since we’ve been parked here around Thanksgiving.

The tide coming in produces interesting waves that travel up the river channel in strange ways…hard to capture with still photos.

I’m going to offer you a number of photos I’ve captured at various times in three posts.

This first post contrasts the ocean’s antics at different times.

Here, the incoming tide smashes and bounces against rocks at the mouth of the river.

DSC_1196_aEach of the next two pictures was taken from nearly the same position and with the tide out to nearly its low point, but I was forced to shoot from much farther back in the one with all the waves, because the water would roll…and roll and roll…in!


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