The North Coast

I’ve shared with you many details of the California North Coast, but not really shown you the shoreline.

Monumental task, actually, because it runs for more than a hundred miles and its contours vary from one mile to the next.

But I’ve collected several pictures that capture the spirit of its variations.

The first is just north of where we’re parked. Notice the person standing on the edge of the point…beyond the fence rails? It’s a free country….

DSC_9716_aThe second is 30 miles north of us, showing the expansive beach with low access from the road, and the fresh water lagoon on the other side of the road. The picture was taken a year ago…that’s our previous Lil Taxi.

DSC_1874_aThe third is 58 miles north, where the Klamath River empties into the Pacific.

DSC_9573_aThe fourth stretches beyond the North Coast a bit, a hundred miles north of us in Brookings, OR. That area calls itself the Wild Rivers Coast. I include it here because the view typifies the North Coast.

DSC_0281_aFinally, a sunset from a favorite view about 25 miles north…on a hill that looks across a fresh water lagoon.


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