Sheltered seals

We’d read a little about a small town on the coast south of us, and thought we’d check it out in person.

Shelter Cove. Interesting name.

Tough to get there….high drama narrow road that snakes through some redwoods, then up one side of a small range of mountains, and then plunges down the other side…dumping you into town in the foothills. Stay on the brakes…that’s the ocean directly in front.

Off-season, so the place was nearly empty. High cliffs at the shore nearly everywhere, just a single black sand beach off to the side.

Most interesting to us were the two colonies of seals parked just off-shore. We could clamber down and across rocks to get near one.

DSC_0676_aDSC_0723_aThose faces!

It seemed like this bunch were teenagers of varying age…who just couldn’t quite settle down!


Sharing one area were a number of sea birds.

DSC_0625_aWe wondered if this was a good vantage point for whale watching….wonder no more!


2 thoughts on “Sheltered seals

  1. Great photos and sights you had, culminating with seeing those whales. Being a Southern Calif boater and scuba diver, who went to the Channel Islands numerous times, I was lucky enough to get to see lots of sea mammals as you did. They look twice as large when you’re underwater and they swim up and stare at you from a few feet away. Scary. Thanks for the beautiful scenery, as usual.

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