Rain forest

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park…obviously home to many of the Tall Trees.

What is less obvious is the climate needed to support these monsters.

I’ve never been to a tropical rain forest, but this one has to come close to that level of humidity. No rain here for at least a week, but the ferns are dripping wet. The advantage here over a tropical rain forest is the temperature…mid 50s in the middle of the day.

The moisture comes from heavy fog virtually every night that lingers long into daylight. The trees create such shade from their high, dense canopy that the forest floor almost never sees sunlight. The dense growth also nearly eliminates any breeze that could evaporate moisture.

The trail we walked this day wandered through the forest beside Prairie Creek. We could hear the creek, and crossed it several times on foot bridges, but rarely could see it because of the dense undergrowth.


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