The sublime and the ridiculous

We love the ocean shoreline because it presents a different face every time we look.

The pictures below were taken at Trinidad Bay about 100 feet apart, 4 days apart but the one is only 2 hours later in the day.

It’s true that camera technique makes a difference: the sunshine-and-splash shot was taken at 160th of a second, while the dreamy sunset was a 13 second exposure.

The changing face really spoils us…who needs to tour the countryside or run up the coastline when there’s such variety in one place?

These two illustrate the extremes for light and for mood…I love both photos, but probably favor the sunset because it seems more unusual.


4 thoughts on “The sublime and the ridiculous

    • You bet, Trudy….we often are the last to leave Trinidad in the evenings! Such a simple joy to just stroll (with Ryan) or stand and watch (with Ross) as the surf pounds!

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