Ho Ho Tahoe

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to keep tourism alive around Lake Tahoe…we volunteered.

Actually, the father of a long-time dear friend of Robyn’s died, and we wanted to make contact with her. She lives on the other side of Reno from us….it’s a haul over there, and we thought it would be good to spend a couple extra days exploring.

Good move!

The surprise was a lack of snow…the ski areas were hurting…but it meant less traffic for us and warmer temperatures when we were out of the car…

There’s not much to explain about these pictures, except to point out that the red coat in the one photo is you-know-who exploring the ground at his feet rather than taking in the stupendous view before him or taking deep breaths of the clear mountain air….


3 thoughts on “Ho Ho Tahoe

  1. These pictures are soooo gorgeous. Can they really be real? I know you, Doug, and you are real, so they must be real . . . me thinks you’ve gotten a little taste of heaven ahead of the rest of us.

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