We love to be around the water, and we love to watch birds.

Here on the North Coast, it’s harder than you might think to catch a clear view of water birds…so much of the water is rough and wild and free!

Ah, you’ll find them standing around the edges of marinas in the few bays that exist here.

We bumped into a small mixed group of Willets and Whimbrels on a recent afternoon.

I like this Willet for its casual, classic pose.

DSC_9145_aThis Whimbrel was flying from post to post with only one leg extended most of the time. He or she eventually settled next to one who had his or her head nearly tucked under a wing!


2 thoughts on “Waterfowling

  1. You are such an AMAZING photographer! Great pictures. You really need to turn this into a way to make money – you are THAT good!!!!!

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