Rock on

The tides, they come and go, and we keep returning to see what they’ve revealed from yesterday.

Our favorite place, Trinidad Bay, provides endless variety even though it’s just one strip of shoreline maybe a quarter mile long.

We enjoy many things about it, but the rocks in its intertidal zone produce different swirls, splashes, and beauty that shifts with the sun.

The variety of rocks is remarkable for this area….a single beach usually displays a single type of rock.

DSC_0481_aDSC_9832_aThe large stack below reminds me of a peasant woman with arms crossed who is wearing a hat way back on her head with a narrow garland of green around the hat brim that cascades down her back. The fact that a gull sits on her head here, and two oyster catchers sit on the rock in the foreground just adds to my amusement!


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