The making of a sunset

I understand some people think sunsets just sort of happen.

This North Coast frequently bears witness to the fact that a really good sunset is made.

Let me show you.

With all the emphasis on its coastline…and the fact that the sun usually sets down on the western horizon…I thought we could watch the choreography along the shore.

The sun prefers a photographic scene…really likes clouds and can mix in some fog, and a wash of water helps reflections.

DSC_0405_aThe sun begins to crank up the color, and gets more water washing through the scene.

DSC_0414_aAlthough a wash of color is nice, more focused and intense colors seem to get more applause.

DSC_0308_aThe sun wants more water…let’s do waves!

DSC_0396_aMORE waves!

DSC_0352_aMORE color!

DSC_0380_aAhhhh….now THAT’S a sunset!

DSC_0418_aWait…hold on…don’t leave now! Remember? It’s not over….

DSC_0426_aEven 20 minutes after sunset, the glow is still all over the sky and bouncing off the sand right at your toes….and the waves are still exploding….


7 thoughts on “The making of a sunset

  1. Gorgeous! I love beautiful sunsets, and I’ve learned that one needs to stay by for 15-30 minutes afterwards to be sure of getting the best color..

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