Tall trees and great waves

They grow em big around here….

The weather has given us some glorious days here recently. During one, we caught this scene.

DSC_6624_aAlthough the rain left, we still had days with fog and haze….which still makes for fun pictures of waves.

Here’s another instance where the same scene produces two images that offer different views. The sky changed in a matter of minutes, and I had to move the tripod farther from the surf….

DSC_8473_aDSC_8457_aWe spent a day with no rain among redwoods. Even with sunshine, the forest is soooo dark these exposures have to be long, and it’s impossible to stand still enough…especially for Ross & Ryan! Near the end of the day, fog started moving in…and the low sun had to work really hard to punch through!

DSC_8773_aDSC_8765_aDSC_8728_aDSC_8734_aWe leave you with a booming sunset scene.


2 thoughts on “Tall trees and great waves

  1. Absolutely stunning. Thanks so much and just in case we don’t communicate in the next couple days, here’s wishing you safe travel and warming sun. We are so blessed by your sharing with us your journey.

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