Rocks in my head

Our favorite spot along this California North Coast is Trinidad.

Small town on a hill, with a single road that rolls down to a bay and a sandy beach.

Very deep beach at low tide, not so deep at high tide. With interesting rocks that mostly get wet. Here’s one that usually doesn’t.


On this day, the wind was really blasting and Ross didn’t like that one bit. We snugged the hoodie around his ears and face to minimize the blasting at his ears…and he seemed somewhat comforted. But standing on the lee side of this tall rock seemed the best. He had thrown his blocks in a fit of pique, so I gathered them at his feet.

We showed you Pewetole Island awhile back, planted out in Trinidad’s bay. That’s it in the background with trees on top. If this picture was taken at high tide, we’d be waist- or neck-deep in Pacific Ocean!

DSC_6886_aThe mollusks, anemones, barnacles, and other creatures that attach themselves to every rock in the intertidal zone just fascinate me! They’re so utterly dependent upon the water that soaks them for various periods of the day, and at other times just pounds the daylights out of them!

DSC_7327_aDSC_7265_aFinally, with Pewetole Island in the background, I had some fun with the rocks and surf at the strangest time…just after sunset with a dull, overcast sky and the mist or fog that often blankets this area.

It might be dim and dull, but life goes on at the water’s edge…the surf rolls in then out, the sand moves out of the way then streams back in, the rocks get wet, and the sea creatures get doused one more time with the nutrients they need.

I had two versions of this scene, and couldn’t decide between them…so I’ve included both!


2 thoughts on “Rocks in my head

  1. Fabulous–glad you included both. I wish there were a soundtrack to go with the pictures. A blessed Christmas to you and safe travels in the New Year. Keep the travelogue coming. We enjoy it so much.

    • Oh good, glad you had fun with both versions, Trudy! And yesssss, the sound of the surf is sooooo great….it almost makes me do video….almost. So great to share our journeys with you!

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