After midnight

We sometimes stay out until nearly bedtime when Ross & Ryan have had too little exercise due to the rain…because they’ll bounce around the coach if we go home to just sit….

Which has allowed for some interesting exploring!

We found a remote road to the shore with pastures on both sides…where the cattle have discovered gaps in the fences on both sides, so they feed along the roadside and mosey back to a pasture when they feel like it!

But in these stormy days, when the clouds break and there’s a full moon…look what you get five hours after sunset! We could hardly see a thing (could hear the cows but not see them!), but the camera patiently recorded the faint light…for nearly a minute here (that’s why the stars are streaks).

DSC_6613_aAnd along the shoreline, you can see the lights of boats pulling their crab traps whenever the seas allow….even in the middle of the night!

DSC_6983_aFinally, we have experienced evenings with nearly clear skies, and the stars seem even clearer when you’ve not seen them for awhile.

Panorama 7368 & 7369

6 thoughts on “After midnight

  1. Oh Doug, your pictures are SPECTACULAR! I am in awe of your talent and patience. Jim and I enjoy following along with you – it’s our way of escaping chemo land and focusing on God’s grandure through your lense. Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us.

    • You are so very kind, Judy, thank you! We have found some very remarkable, dramatic, and inspiring scenery lately…and the practice shooting all the time has helped me a great deal! So glad to have you share all this with us….

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