Fire and rain

The extreme weather along the west coast has certainly dampened our exploration.

On many days we have not been able to walk around with Ross & Ryan…which means we look for churches with porticos, since there are no Home Depots or Lowes within a hundred miles!

Actually, it has caused us to explore some new roads and areas we missed last year while here…and we’ve discovered some gems to revisit when it’s dry and we can get out to walk and shoot!

In the meantime, the rain means clouds, and clouds mean…well…gray skies and dull sunsets…

Except when there’s a break!

Here’s a remarkable sky from a recent evening.


10 thoughts on “Fire and rain

  1. Now Yer Talkin’ SUNSETS ARE MY KIND OF THING !!!
    Those Pictures are Nothing short of “AWESOME” šŸ™‚
    Marcia and I have been wondering, and Discussing you, Robyn, and the Boys, Rainy days.

    • Yep, you get those smokin sunRISES while I’m still asleep! Thank you, my friend! We drive past areas with rock slides but not usually mudslides (never know what hit & killed ya!).

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