I’ve got my eye on you

We’ve run across all kinds of interesting things to show you….too little time to get them ready!

But we ran across the sweetest little bird the other day, and had to share it immediately.

DSC_7457_aNorthern Pygmy-Owl.

Never sure if he’s coming or going….

DSC_7439_aQuite small….sparrow-sized!

DSC_7459_aHe (or she) was sitting alongside a very narrow trail out to a rocky overlook, but was separated from the trail by a thick hedge. He apparently felt unnoticed and safe there, but Robyn’s keen eye for birds found him immediately, and we had great fun taking his picture.

He continued to hang around, and we pointed him out to several other people who happened along.

Dreadful weather…very strong winds with periods of driving rain. He waited patiently.

4 thoughts on “I’ve got my eye on you

  1. How exciting! Love birders as they are always eager to share their discoveries. Took good eyes to spot him. Just a tad envious!

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