Wildlife up close

We stopped at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park to check out its trees. We’ve driven through the park numerous times, and it offers some lovely specimens along the road.

It also offers an elk herd that makes forays from one side of the road to the other.

Yep, they were across from the main park office, and a bunch of people were standing at a fence shooting with their cell phones.

We turned the other way, and headed back into the campground, because the elk were spooked enough….and we were after trees.

Whoa, what’s this? There were two large bulls feeding among the empty campsites!

DSC_6298_aWe slowly drove along…right between them…so I could use the car as a “blind” and get out for a better shot.

Like this…

DSC_6213_aBut while I was shooting one, the other kept walking…and got so close to the car I almost couldn’t get back in!

DSC_6244_aThey’re not tame, but they are pretty comfortable around cars….my standing outside the car made them nervous, however.

We never made it into the trees on this trip….


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