Bye bye, Zion

Wow, what a great time we’ve had at Zion!

It’s not enough that the place has massive walls of rock in stunning colors and textures.

It also has stuff and things right up close. I stood underneath this young waterfall in order to photograph the water coming from a section of wall they call Weeping Rock.


And as I stood beside the road to shoot a landscape, up walked several of these Mule Deer.


And around a corner was this small herd of Bighorn Sheep.


Talk about accessible….I stood in the river to take this shot about 50 feet from our parked car!


I put my toes in the sand for this picture not 20 feet from the car.


This picture of almost a tree, high overhead between two towering walls of rock, I took while standing in the open door of the car.


Ultimately, we enjoyed Zion Canyon soooo much more than almost any park we’ve visited, because it brings so much unspoiled nature right to you: terrific grandeur and amazing detail, large unmoving walls of rock and tiny drips of water, fall colors and Bighorn Sheep.

We’ll be back!


4 thoughts on “Bye bye, Zion

  1. As usual, fantastic photos and commentary. So glad you guys are getting to experience some of these wonders of the West. I’m lucky to have lived out that way my whole life and gotten to see these places.

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