We’re parked outside Hurricane, UT in Sand Hollow State Park. The photo below shows all seven of the trees in the park.


It’s actually a lovely place to park, very convenient to stores and restaurants, and a scenic 20 mile drive to Zion Park. Along that drive…this barn:


It seems everywhere around here is one type or another of incredible rock formation. This one is on the brow of the hill that overlooks the town of St George and its Mormon temple that was the first one constructed in Utah.


The Colorado River, before it gets to Grand Canyon, goes through a convolution that has been named Horseshoe Bend, which draws people from far and even farther, in buses and cars and even a Unimog RV conversion by Global X (massive off-road rig). We stopped past….


On our way back to the car (a 3/4 mi hike up a big hill then down steeply through sand and across terribly rutted rock…you should have seen our twin troupers doin all that!) we came upon this tumbleweed with its Technicolor shine from the setting sun.


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