A Bryce interruption

As much as we are captivated by Zion, we know there are many other outstanding destinations around here…just gotta find the time to visit.

Bryce Canyon National Park was top of the list, although I had no idea what to expect.

It was a long day-trip. About 20 miles out we turned a corner to find this scene:


This fairly dramatic change in the shape of rocks was just a foretaste! The road had been a steady climb from where we are parked at 4,000 feet elevation, to where Bryce sits at 8,000 feet. We watched our thermometer drop all the way there. Here’s the scene that greeted us in the park:


DSC_4478_aOnce again it seemed we were back on the top looking down into huge chasms. Ahhh, not so fast…there are narrow paths that zig-zag waaaay down into these tremendous columns and canyons!


I’m afraid you’ll not find any pictures from down there looking up…it was already afternoon, we were at 8,000 feet, and I needed to preserve my strength for 140 miles to get home that night….

And there were some fascinating scenes developing as the sun dipped lower….some of the rocks almost glow….


DSC_4502_aIncluding a full moon coming up just moments after sundown!


5 thoughts on “A Bryce interruption

  1. Doug, your pictures are SPECTACULAR!!! Jim and I have enjoyed “traveling along” with you. Your views are much more interesting then these Sam four hospital walls. Your blog has enriched us so much – Thank You and please, don’t stop!

    • Your comment is so AWESOME! No, really, thank you for that….I really enjoy the shooting and story telling, but comments help verify that I’m actually connecting with you…

  2. Getting time to “hunker down” isn’t it? That bit of frosting is only a prediction of what’s to come!! Love the pictures and the memories of past motorhome trips that they bring. Thanks.

  3. Nicely done Doug. I liked Bryce as well but Joyce preferred Zion next door. Utah is a natural wonder with Canyonlands Ntl Park and Arches as well, hope cold stays east of you. Blessings.TLC

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