That’s Hoover Dam to you, sir.

We were headed to Zion National Park, but wondered “why rush past Hoover & Las Vegas?” So we stopped for the night.

Good call.

DSC_4231_aIt’s so hard to really see the dam…partly because of traffic and pedestrians, but mostly because the thing is really wedged in between mountains on either side, and the downstream channel is narrow and turns back and forth.

I don’t know much about the dam and its lake, but water marks on the dam and around the lake show the water level to be quite a bit lower than in the past. Is the line on the banks in the photo below the historic water level?


Wowser, did we get lucky to be there right at sundown? Click on the photo to make it fill your screen….and see details that are just gorgeous!

So we headed over to Las Vegas, or as one friend has called it, “Lost Wages”, to give Grandpa Fell a first-time look-see.

I had no way to take some nice pictures along the strip, so I opened the sunroof on the Lil Taxi, set my camera on the roof, and shot as we drove along!

These are pretty fair representations of what’s there, don’t you think?


4 thoughts on “Dam!

  1. That one photo of the sunset back at the lake was indeed magnificent. The Vegas pics were pretty cool too. Modern Art. You said how you do not know much about Hoover Dam and the lake; funny how just recently I feel I’ve become an expert because my niece’s husband just published a book titled: “Imaging Hoover Dam: The Making of a Cultural Icon.” I’ve read most of it, but it also prompted me to research all the details of the design and construction. Here’s the Amazon link to his book: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O4V5UKQ/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb. Not that you would want to order it (it’s very scholarly – he’s a college prof), but just so you can see the cover.

  2. There is an interesting dam tour down in the power house for a fee. Yes, Lake Mead is very low …..just out Hwy 160 towards Pahrump is a lovely place locals go for hiking. You can also just do the 13 mile loop drive…it is Red Rock Canyon….down near Valley of Fire off I-15 near Overton is the other end of Lake Mead…there is no longer a lake there, but you can hike thru the ruins of a town that was destroyed when they first filled the Lake. It is called St. Thomas. Fascinating history of the area. Mesquite is a neat area too, but you need to get of the interstate at Bunkerville exit and drive along the river and get back on the interstate in Mesquite. St. George, Utah is a pretty town with the red rocks….the Morman church against the red rocks is quite picturesque. Zion will be a neat stop…..a lot of that park is best experienced by hiking…Angel’s Landing, the Narrows, and the tunnel. Bryce National Park, up the road is quite nice and more can be seen easier. Have fun…

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