Adios, and good night

When you enjoy the splendor of nature as much as we do, the Grand Canyon is a special place to spend time.

Dropping by for a visit doesn’t do it justice….”Hey,that’s a spectacular gouge in the earth, so where should we go for dinner?”

Spending time allows for changing light, for helpful comparison of one area with another, for comprehension of the size, and for appreciating the significance of such a basic environment.

Despite our limitations with Ross and Ryan, we were able to really see much of the canyon….and not just from the rim: Robyn and her father walked down one trail for half an hour….

Yes, there’s the North Rim to explore in future years, and soooo much more….

For now, we’re filled with images and information, and we’re moving on!

Here was the Canyon’s farewell for us:


3 thoughts on “Adios, and good night

  1. Gorgeous! Your pictures and reports have increased the urgency of my long-held desire to return there someday. I do think our last visit was in 1958, so it’s about time.

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