A river runs through it

With all the plunging chasms, the many-hued rock faces, and the vast distances involved with the Grand Canyon, it’s easy to forget the river that is soooo responsible for it all!

It’s also true that the Colorado River is difficult to see…because it is soooo distant from the Canyon’s rim.

As we leave the place after 10 days, I leave you with these images that all contain at least a quick splash of the river.

The picture near the middle that contains a close-up of a red rock face and just a corner of river rapids….the small dark hole in the middle of the face is a California Condor nest site.


4 thoughts on “A river runs through it

  1. Absolutely stunning photos, Doug. Of course the subject matter is pretty cool too! LOL Great job capturing something so enormous! And thank you for sharing!

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