Soft and colorful

The Grand Canyon is a hard place…all those rocks, the extreme weather…even the trees we showed you are abbreviated and tough in order to exist.

One plus: the low Arizona humidity sure keeps down the bugs!

It also keeps down the cute wild flowers we’re used to seeing everywhere else.

I’ve spent so much time with the amazing canyon sights that I’ve not captured all the flowers we have seen…all are tiny, and most are buds on bushes.

Still, the plants that scratch out their existence around here provide pleasant visual relief in various ways.


2 thoughts on “Soft and colorful

    • How very kind of you, Judy….it’s so nice to have you along! I have enjoyed the opportunity to shoot new and very beautiful places, and have found new capabilities in my camera…you are seeing some experiments that have worked very well, and seeing some that still need more work! I’m glad the new vistas keep appearing…so I get another chance, and you get something new….

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