Out of bounds

I wanted to see the Colorado River up close, and heard there was a bridge that crossed it beyond the park’s eastern edge.

So we undertook the 50+ mile run along the canyon rim and outside the park.

Wow, different world when you come down from the mile-high elevation of the South Rim!



The plain is interrupted by a barely noticeable cut that meanders like….well, a river across a flat plain. Of course, the Colorado River.

Not so fast, you Midwestern neophyte….that’s the Little Colorado River.

It still cuts the soil hereabouts, but not on the Grand scale of its big brother!

More like a trickle actually….huge disappointment when we finally crossed the bridge.

Ahh, but we got to see this fascinating terrain alongside the road. The top layer is like pavement, and breaks off in large plates when it’s been undercut sufficiently. The color is an abrupt contrast with the bland gravel that runs to the horizon.


Speaking of out of bounds, I wanted you to see just how casual we have become while observing this really grand canyon…see any railings in the following picture?


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